Leo Vartanov Merchant Industry Mr. Leo Vartanov Statewide Merchants Credit Card Processing Jennifer Vartanov National e payment Marketing executive Leo Vartanov, along with his wife, CFO Jennifer Vartanov, handle the day-to-day operations of Merchant Industry. Along with a handful of other merchant processing companies, they’ve been providing merchants with a new start by loaning them credit card acceptance terminals and business counseling services, and by giving vendors the ability to accept credit with low rates.

    The team behind Merchant Industry, a New York-based credit card and merchant processing company, know how important it is to serious impact families struggling to rebuild after natural disasters. The Vartanovs have made a personal commitment to making a difference to communities ravaged by Mother Nature.

    In 2011, Hurricane Irene slammed into New York creating flash floods and sinkholes, destroying homes and decimating the life savings of thousands of residents. Leo and Jennifer Vartanov combined their considerable talents, merging his marketing strategies with her fiscal pragmatism to help New Yorkers. They joined forces with local communities to help them rebuild. The dynamic husband and wife team set up a program asking existing merchant subscribers to donate to a fund for the flood victims in New York. Much of these up-front funds were provided as straightforward donations and not repaid to the company.

   Additionally, when farmers sought badly needed aid because of the loss of their crops, and business and shop owners required support to replace flooded inventories, Mr. and Mrs. Vartanov again provided badly needed aid through cash business advances.

   Merchant Industry aims to combine savvy corporate and operational strategies with compassion via its charitable endeavors. This enlightened business model can only serve to safeguard America’s economic future.

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